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jcholewa's Journal

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JC (John Cholewa)
3 November 1975
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Email: jcholewa@gmail.com

Wii: 1554 6397 9626 0541


my MySpace space (I don't really visit it, but it's here for completeness)

I work for scientists.

No, seriously. And it's awesome! I'm in a research lab doing the computer side of analyzing brain FMRIs. I just finished writing a Pearson's correlation coefficient analysis program (because Matlab is such an insanely slow monolithic app), and it feels pretty great. The world is much nicer when you love your job. :)

Otherwise, I spend a lot of time at the local community club's gym and bake a mean brownie. I spend a lot of time visiting Manhattan and its sibling boroughs participating in mass public performance art and flash mobs, partly courtesy of newmindspace and improv everywhere). I maintain the wiki for my old college's SF club, and I am gradually digitizing many of their old pen and paper flame wars.

Buying a house is my next big step in life. This is taking a very long time, as my buying range involves going for houses that require extra caution and paperwork, but my finances are pretty decently secured, at least enough for me to take a giant leap to the realm of Lower Middle Class. :D

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