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Fun weekend

After the things I did on last Friday, detailed in a prior post, the weekend continued to treat me well.

Saturday, the Science Fiction Forum observed Festivus, as they do annually. This is a holiday which started in 1966 but was popularized in the last fifteen years by an episode of Seinfeld. In it, there are contests involving feats of strength (which I somehow have always missed), copious amounts of food, watching of holiday-themed TV shows and movies, and a very long tradition wherein a large stick (or, in this case, a pole) is handed from person to person. Whoever holds the stick gets to air their grievances with the group, and (hypothetically) nobody is allowed to talk back until they have the stick, and (hypothetically) the grievances are not allowed to to leave the room. It went pretty well, with much less drama than I'd heard about from prior years. A couple people were dug into pretty harshly by multiple folk, but they seemed to keep it in stride. One person seemed to have attained a likely hookup as a result of her rant. I complained about stuff in a manner that hopefully will shame people into coming to parties and conventions and such. :D

All in all, Saturday was a great day. The Forum also now has a member with the same name as a character from Futurama.

Sunday, my local weather station was broken, and it said that it was 31°F out. This made it exceptionally hard for me to want to go outside and do stuff until I realized that it was actually more than twenty degrees warmer than this. I had two things to go to. One was "The Anachronism", which is a periodic Steampunk event. This time around was their one year anniversary, and they had a dinosaur theme. I wanted to go, but there were a few strikes against it that held me back (I couldn't get my costume done on time,and it seemed silly to go otherwise; there was a charge, however light, and I'd just made a big purchase online the prior night; the content feels like it's mainly just performances and vending, which I only like as a sort of side thing but not as the main course of an event; and it has a group that I really prefer to interact with over a longer term). I may go to a future one, though, since they're good people. Instead, I went to the Flow Market, which was a general circussy hangout thing. It had a group workout, a big block of time wherein beginners could, with proper instruction, try out whips and even stuff like fire poi. There were a few really great displays of fiery prowess, and three of us (me included) randomly happened to have "fireworks" (prismatic) glasses on us, so we got to watch the fire spectrumming all over the place! Also, btw, the girls at this sort of event are really pretty. I hung out with a Coney Island performer for a few hours (we bonded, naturally, over both of us having the aforementioned glasses). She showed me how she could crush a can of beer between her scapulae. I made her feel bad by telling her all the cool events she's been missing (she's three weeks away from moving to the other side of the continent). She seemed particularly distraught to have never heard of the Maker Faire, with its human sized mousetrap game and its mentos and coke zero stage show. I told her they have a Maker Faire where she'll be, but it seems that I got my San cities confused. :/

Very good weekend, altogether. Now I must reserve my strength for next weekend's Santacon.
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