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Geeky music

I posted this on Facebook, but status updates there seem to fly away before too many people can read it.

I'm having a party at the Geeky Kink Event. It's my birthday weekend, so I figured that I needed to do something special. Jeff is stealing my ball pit, so I have to figure other entertainments to have at the party. So I'm going to buy an ice shaver to make snowcones (or, well, probably snowcups), I'm printing out another copy of a creative commons racier version of an extremely popular card game, and I'm assembling an epic selection of songs that speak to geek culture.

I have around one hundred songs ranging from nerdcore (it's way too easy to rap, so there's too much of this stuff crowding the field, just sayin') to geeky folk to parody to theme remixes to rock operas set in Middle Earth.

So do you have any particular title in mind that really speaks to you as a geek? I have seven or eight hours of audio, which is far more than enough, but I wouldn't mind pruning out the less great songs I've collected.
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