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JC (John Cholewa)

Wow, I spent eight hours hammering nails and the like yesterday, and I finally have a roof (well, the rafters and such) on my shed. The whole thing's covered poorly in plastic tarp at the moment, as I won't be able to continue the work until about a month from now. Hopefully, it doesn't rain too badly. Under the tarp is exposed particle board, and it doesn't like getting drenched at all.

I'm hosting a party today at my place. Each new party tries to have gimmicks -- little things which help clearly define why that particular get together isn't just a generic hangout with beer. The gimmicks this time are ice pop molds to make alcoholic popsicles (as well as the regular kind) and a pizza stone to make homemade pizza (assuming people picked up on my suggestion of bringing ingredients), and my cool new footwear, which I'm keeping vague for my own amusement. I have all my other stuff -- the grill, fire pit, ball pit, slip 'n slide, networked on demand cartoons, and so forth -- on call in case they're needed. This is a Going Away party to celebrate a recent swath of friends who've suddenly moved to other states and people who are taking are are planning to take extended vacations in distant lands.

Over the next three weeks and change, I will be going to the 69*th Annual Worldcon, San Francisco**, Yosemite, and Burning Man. It should be fun, and I have it pretty well planned out (save for camping in Yosemite -- those plans are sort of flatlining at the moment). The only downside is that I think I just started having a cold. It's a bit difficult to say, as I've done some heavy labour over the last few days (wrt the shed), and my body might just be extremely run down. Either way, I hope it passes quickly, as much of this coming vacation will require me to be at the top of my game. Well, at least it's paced so that the easier parts are at the beginning and it gets progressively harder† as I go along. Worldcon is all fluffy beds and indoors, while the midpoint involves hanging around a city, then camping for a night in the forest, then hard partying on a Saturday night likely with little sleep, then a full week of surviving in a desert. Here's hoping that I'm at 100% come desert time.

* ", dudes!"
** I will be passing by or through Alameda, and it will take all that I have to resist the urge to ask local cops for the "Nuclear Wessels"
† like a well-designed video game!
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