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JC (John Cholewa)

More chillin' in the shadow of the '80s

This week's Torchwood was probably the first episode on the quality level of 2009's "Children of Earth" miniseries. In the three previous episodes of 2011, I really liked all the philosophical questions raised by the show's main plotline but didn't care much for the actual Torchwood folk and the events transpiring around them. Tonight, though, I was interested in everything that happened. They kept the cool scenario hacking, but they added some powerful dose of excellence to the principle characters.

Speaking of excellence.... Thundercats. Watch it. It's probably the best execution of a reboot of an '80s cartoon since ... wow, I can't think of a truly amazing example. G. I. Joe Renegades was really good, and the Masters of the Universe do-over in '03 was arguably quite superior to its source material, but the new Thundercats just took the ball and ran with it ... and kept running until they hit the touchdown.

I'm still liking Voltron Force, but I'm liking it half the time. They do strange things with the characterizations that rub me the wrong way -- two of the three new kids have finely honed personalities that were finely imported from a zillion other shows (the snarky girl and the boy who wants excitement but still has to do his homework). Pidge and Hunk have turned into Bill and Ted, and it can sometimes get a little grating -- especially the air guitars. Still, I like Lance's friction with Daniel, and they're doing something interesting and long-term with Vince. It's the continued subversion of tropes that keeps me watching.

This last week, for instance, the Force had to deal with a situation in which they get interrupted while forming Voltron. This shocks the original team, but the new kids are bemused regarding how they've managed to go this long without having an enemy stop the pretty incredibly long transformation sequence. The resolution of the episode was a little obvious and cheap, but the moment where they discuss this interesting flaw of the original series will keep me watching the next few episodes, at least.

I never continued watching Transformers:Prime after the ending of the starting five parter. It was epicly cool to hear the original voices of Prime and Megatron going at it, especially since they did the "One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall" schtick, but I just haven't felt invested at all in the show.

So anyway, to recap: Transformers: Prime, no interest. Voltron Force, needs some overhauling but has the core of something interesting going. G.I. Joe: Renegades, excellent reboot of The A-Team. Thundercats, epic beginner that fixes the problems of the original series (Snarf talking), makes characters a bit more three dimensional (the good guys are largely racist imperial assholes, the villains probably the same but also partly composed of oppressed peoples, some characters have developing tension, Cheetara has bigger tits and a bare midriff) and only really falls flat by including the ThunderKittens and ending the pilot with a fetch quest.

But I'll probably watch the opener again before seeing next week's episode.
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