JC (John Cholewa) (jcholewa) wrote,
JC (John Cholewa)

Saturday, I led a group of fools, eight strong, on a hike from McCarren Park in Greenpoint to Coney Island. We went through Dumbo and Prospect Park along the way, and somewhere on Fulton St we checked and found that it was exactly 100 degrees Fahrenheit out.

It went very well, and we were all very prepared. We didn't have pizza, as was part of the original plan, but we did stop at KFC and McDonald's (fatty foods are pretty helpful when you're burning).

Coney Island was pretty cool, and I did some climbing out on the rocks. We had planned to go on a couple rides, but the lines were too long, and we had been on our feet for several hours, so we went to one of the team's homes, which was nearby.

Good times. I'm not even hurting too much.

Monday, I got tested for Tuberculosis, as my job requires every year. Then I got the measurements on a window for my shed, and I shopped for some Game Boy games to entertain me during my trip to the West Coast. I no longer have a device that can reliably display e-books (or that can reliably play audio books), so I'm going to go the gaming route there. Tuesday night, I picked up my parents from the airport (they'd been at Yellowstone and nearby areas) and then went to an indy wrestling show with a couple of my home town friends. Professional wrestling sort of goes from facepalmy to staggeringly enjoyable when you make the move from the embarrassing television programmes to a bingo hall filled with a couple hundred people and twenty or so acrobats.

Anyway, my cousin and her two boys are here this week, so I'll be hanging out with them here and there. At the least, I got to see them last night, and I'll be popping over on Saturday, because this is my daddy's birthday week, and we're having a barbecue.
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