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Okay, continuing on with my previous Update-After-Long-Time-Away post....

June 18th, they had the Mermaid Parade. It's a fun todo in Coney Island where everybody wears vaguely nautically themed outfits. I'd spent the prior week making a boat out of cardboard and string that I wore there. It was pretty cool, though I didn't actually walk in the parade itself (it's apparently really easy to get into, though). The boat lasted the day and then developed a permabend due to poor engineering acumen, but that's okay, as it was a super cheap design. That evening, this year's Bubble Battle went on at the same location. This is an event where hundreds of people blow bubbles at the same time in the same place. It's fun, but it felt more epic the last few years in Times Square, where the event more highly contrasted with the environment. At Coney Island, bubble blowing seems almost normal.

The next few weeks were filled with more general partying. I went to a work barbecue and had a going away party for one of my coworkers, I went mini golfing with my family for Father's Day, and I went to a pretty cool party with friends from Suffolk County.

Much of June was spent preparing for my own party. I advertised for it heavily in advance, and I put together a bunch of fun little perks to add to the fun. My Housewarming Party was on July 2nd. It had a grill, a firepit, a homemade ball pit, a homemade slip'n'slide, a blacklit liquor room and oodles of network shared classic cartoons. For most of the night, a season of the Critic was on infinite repeat. It went pretty well. The only downside was that people brought far too much beer and drank far too little beer. So I have a Re-party two days later. This was much smaller but still well populated for a lot of fun. Somebody brought a load of fireworks that were let loose for a while. A watermelon and sledgehammer were brought in, but sadly we did not have the chance to try them out.

This past weekend, I went to the Shore Leave science fiction convention. It's not normally my kind of con, as there aren't much in the way of public or easily accessible room parties. I rather shamelessly admit that I went largely because a pretty, young girl asked me to see her. A nice bonus, though, was that the third person in the room was a clever inventor type who made tasty beverages (including using liquid Nitrogen to make a sort of vodka whipped cream), and we got to host a semipublic party. I mostly spent my time volunteering to help out with the con. I ended up meeting a bunch of cool people, and there was a really great dance party on Saturday night.
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