JC (John Cholewa) (jcholewa) wrote,
JC (John Cholewa)

Ahhh, so it's been two months:

The Forum picnic on May 14th was crazy fun. I think it might have been the best one yet. There was a decent turnout, good food, lots of geekery, and halfway through we took a trip into the wilderness to explore ancient ruins. We checked out an old, nigh abandoned cemetary behind a retirement home, climbed many tall, gnarled trees, and descended into a ten foot wide well. At the end of it, we went out into a swampy area near to the beach. It was at the end of a shallow waterfall and had a few little islands hanging about. We had to cut it short due to one of our people getting her foot severely slashed up.

Went to Jmax's for a Memorial Day Party at the end of May. I was originally planning to go to Playa del Fuego, a burn down in Delaware, but I was unable to procure tickets. The party was quite cool, though, and the turnout was well above usual. Many people wore my mustache, there was boffer fighting, swimming in the pool, a little bit of hookah, some roasting at the fire pit, and eventually a sit down inside to watch an episode of Game of Thrones.

The week after, I went camping down in Maryland, on Assateague Island. This area is fairly famous for having a colony of wild horses interacting freely with campers. They get pretty close, though you have to be respectful and careful with them about. Our next door neighbors left all their food out and ended up with a heavily ransacked campsite! Aside from the horses, we made a big sand castle, threw glowsticks into a campfire to amuse ourselves and visited the nearby Ocean City, which is a local equivalent to Coney Island. The beers there are cheaper. The food is not. Overall, it was a nice time, and I might go again at some point. While down there, I had a chance to sample some of the local cuisine, such as grits and scrapple for the first time. That latter dish is made of, among other things, pig brains. It tasted squishy.

June 11th, I went on a spree in the city. I popped by Washington Square Park (by accident!) and briefly viewed some sort of Indian cultural festival, which was still under construction. I then went over to Madison Square Park to observe the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. It smelled quite good, though I didn't buy anything. While there, a gigantic Indian parade passed by, presumably heading towards the aforementioned festival. They had giant, mobile pagodas which were each pulled down the street by near to a hundred people holding ropes. After viewing this, I went down to Governor's Island to enjoy the FIGMENT festival. This is a sort of celebration of interactive arts for a weekend which strongly parallels the tastes of the Burning Man crowd. Lots of hooping and poi and tented dance parties among amusing and clever art installations. Afterwards, I went to a party which was going to be an attempt to build the world's tallest pyramid out of beer cans, but there was some sort of falling out between the organizers, so it was just a plain boring get together with bands (and, oddly enough, a cover charge and quite high fees for the BBQ food and beverage, even though this was just in a regular home and not some sort of clubby venue).

I'll write up more later on. :)
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