May 11th, 2012

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What to do with my old car?

So I will be getting a new car soon. My old '99 Nissan Altima runs pretty well, but it has some problems and isn't worth spending money for the inspection. Here's the list, in order of decreasing severity:

P0304 code error causing a check engine light. Last year, this code apparently meant that the car had a busted intake manifold gasket. This problem was fixed at great cost, and the actual symptoms of the problem (a bumpy idle) never returned, but the light did.

Mended leak at the top of the radiator where there's a hairline crack. This could recrack but looks pretty good. We used epoxy to keep it on. Granted, radiators aren't horribly expensive to replace. Anyway, when it's leaking, it basically prevents coolant from being sucked from the reservoir, so you'd have to fill the radiator directly. But that's not actually an issue right now.

Hand brake light on when hand brake not on. I'm pretty sure it's a finicky sensor and not that the brake is actually on all the time, because it's been doing this for a [i]long[/i] time.

Car's been loud for the last month or two.

Radio antenna does not properly extend or retract.

On rare occasions -- generally during cold spells -- the car lock gets confused. When the car is on, and you lock the door, it immediately unlocks itself. This has always mended itself after a while, and it's not a problem when the car is off.

Anyway, I'll probably donate it or get a few hundred dollars from a junkyard for the metal or something. But if anybody I know is good enough with cars to fix it up, let me know. I don't know if I'll just give it away -- I might want the equivalent of whatever the junkie would offer me -- but I feel it could still work for years plural if patched up, so it'd be a shame to totally destroy it.

Then again, I likely have an emotional attachment and simply do not wish for it to die.
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