February 6th, 2012

White spy

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I'm in danger of causing family problems, I guess.

My mom sent me a politically charged assertion via chain mail, saying that I should be incredibly angry about a political action. The action was indescribably false, not from a political standpoint, but from a "what's being described didn't actually happen" standpoint. But the message had giant capitalized letters screaming about how important it is to stop one of the political teams from destroying everything.

This affects me in a profound way. It upsets me. It hurts me. I don't like it when people try to push their political opinions on me. I am enraged when somebody uses blatant untruths to do so.

I posted on Facebook that people should do this, and that I am angry because of it. My sister responded, essentially saying that my mom is too dumb to know better, and if I complain, it will make her cry.

I find this unacceptable.

If you are passionate enough about something to try to spread word about it it big honking capital letters to everyone on your email list in an attempt to change or solidify the opinions of others, you should be passionate enough to know that it is truthful. I'm sure if I found some opposite political opinions and started sending it to the list, even if they were based on facts, then I would piss people off.

I don't do this, because I don't like pissing people off.

Somehow, I am pissed off despite my eternal an ongoing efforts to not piss people off.

I really wish I could just auto-blacklist people from my life for pushing political agendas. But I like people, and people whom I specifically like tend to do these things.

tl;dr: I'm profoundly sad right now.
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