October 31st, 2011

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This being Halloweekend, I went to a couple parties on Friday night. Proooobably missed out on an interested girl at the first party because I wanted to see some friends at the second party, but both were overall fun. There was this dude who kept aggressively trying to kiss me. Life would be easier if the girls acted like this. Nonetheless, I lived. Access to unlimited spicy nacho doritos and the occasional inebriative beverage helped.

Friday was a stilt night. I wore my 'stache and hat and walked around most of the time with the stilts on. This time around, I got a really good hold on hopping up and down on one foot, and when it came time to get to my car (which was parked quite a bit away from the train station), I was able to do a sort of staggering, lumbering run. I think running without stilts would have been a little faster at this stage, but it was still an accomplishment, especially after the wine and Unknown Punch. I did have my second fall, but it was on the dance floor, which I did not realize was covered with a light film of booze. I fell very slowly and gracefully and was not hurt in the slightest. I don't know how this seems to happen, since I never practiced falling in the first place!

I did get an almost-blister on the back of my heel from the one-legged hopping, though. Maybe I'll wear doubled socks in the future.

Saturday and Sunday I took off from fun. Well, I still had fun, but it was the introvert-preparing-for-extroversion kind of fun. I exercised, bought stuff that I'll be needing for the next week, caught up on some television, did a little bit of computer gaming and put some energy into crafting. I'm making a not too complex red hat out of cardboard and duct tape. Getting the math right is a bit of a pain, but I made a decent amount of progress, and after tonight's work I may have enough done to do the parts of the costume that involve buying things. I got a coffee maker and some coffee for the nerds next weekend, and I added a bit more to my geek music set (ye gods, how could I forget about Little Shop of Horrors!?).

Since the middle of the month, I've been working towards my health again. I've been doing anywhere vaguely between 150 and 450 pushups per day (the rate has been gradually trending upward as time progresses), which seems to be well within my comfort zone (*and it pretty much allows me to each unlimited quesadillas and maple/sugar oatmeal!!), and I think I'll be looking pretty good to hang out with all the pretty nerds next weekend. With luck, all the ones that I like will have sex with me all at the same time*, but hopefully not during the times when I need to serve people coffee and waffles.

There's more stuff, but I'm too sleepy to internally organize data right now.

* I still get the subconscious impression that people who go to fetish events are not actually interested in sex. This is why I'm trying to push more of the geek aspect, because it seems like geeks have more of that predisposition.
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