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So I had two nightmares during Philcon, both on Saturday night.

In the first one, I was asking a fellow whom I don't know very well but whom I guess I associate with this particular skill how to approach women. He laughed at me and was under the assumption that I was a virgin, and it made me feel very bad. I suppose this dream was caused by my most recent lady drought, which is now getting dangerously close to the quarter year mark despite all efforts.

In the second one, I was living at my parents' house, and my room was a mess. My parents were very disappointed in how I had left it in such a state. I was incredibly embarrassed. This is likely because I've been cleaning up lately, and I've been moving around a lot of stuff to and from conventions and similar events, so both my car and living room has a bunch of stuff in it that should be moved elsewhere. I should have this resolved pretty soon, and I'm actually doing some medium-class overhauling of my storage room.

Being embarrassed is the most terrifying thing that can realistically happen to me short of perhaps becoming paralyzed for life in a tragic stilt-related accident.

Anyway, Philcon was still highly enjoyable. Women slightly flirted with me, there were numerous panels, I was given many kudos for my costuming stuff (on Friday I was a pretend protester with signs like "More Sci in Sci-Fi!" and "Occupy My Lap", and on Saturday I went around all day on stilts, generally with my trademark giant mustache), and in general there were more smiles than in previous Philcons. The convention had three open drinking parties, which is up three from the past couple years. Also, Jeff Mach brought his entourage of cool people. And I had the rare occurrence of saying something to a rather saddened person that cheered him up immensely.

Philcon has now been upgraded from "I go out of habit and because it's cheap and has free junk food" to "I would like to go next year and maybe even help out a little, because these people are pretty cool".


Nov. 24th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
It's pretty much the least expensive traditional convention weekend you can do in this corner of the continent. The whole thing (transpo through SI, food, drink, hotel, non-comped con reg) cost me around $95, and if you're careless it can still clock under $150 before even considering volunteering. That's a prime driver for me. I have a full-on vacation for the same amount that many people spend normally during the same period.


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